Lesson Topics (Level 1)

Lesson 1 Introduction and Canada cultural lesson

Target English: weather, money, animals, food, population, etc

Activity: Placement Tests

Lesson 2 Classroom Commands

Target English: Classroom Commands – clean, open, close, quiet, etc.

Activity: Pass the Ball Game

Lesson 3 Phonics Song + Worksheet

Target English: Alphabet A-D + Animals (named A-D)

Activity: Teach Alphabet Song + worksheet + Starfall

Lesson 4 Phonics Song + Worksheet E-H + Animals (named E-H)

Target English: Finish Alphabet Song and begin flashcards + Starfall

Activity: worksheet and create Alphabet Flashcards for matching game

Lesson 5 Phonics Song + Worksheet I-O

Target English: Finish Alphabet Song and continue flashcards

Activity: Worksheet plus “Go fish” game + Starfall

Lesson 6 Phonics Song + Worksheet P-V

Target English: Alphabet Song and flashcards

Activity: Finger Phonics Follow Game + Starfall

Lesson 7 Phonics Song + Worksheet W-Z

Target English: Finish Alphabet Song and finish flashcards

Activity: Play the Mario Bomb-Game!

Lesson 8 Numbers

Target English: 1 - 20

Activity: numbers clap game, dominoes, YouTube song

Lesson 9 Numbers

Target English: Counting by 10’s to 100

Activity: Dice counting game plus worksheet, snakes and ladders

Lesson 10 Days of the week

Target English: Days of the week

Activity: Guessing game

Lesson 11 Months of the year

Target English: 12 months of the year

Activity: YouTube song + guessing game +

Lesson 12 Colours

Target English: The colours of the rainbow

Activity: Art – Listening activity

Lesson 13 Cartoons

Target English- level 1 describing language (tall, short, long, colours, big, small, silly, etc.)

Activity: Make a fun English cartoon