Lesson Topics (Level 2)

Lesson 1 Introduction and Canada cultural lesson

Target English: weather, money, animals, food, population, etc

Activity: Placement Tests

Lesson 2 Classroom English

(How are you today? + responses, daily routine, common classroom English, weekly missions, workbook routines- dictionary, etc.)

Target English: How are you today? I’m _. You must __.

Activity: Make an English Poster with a classroom rule on it.

Lesson 3 Describing friends

(facial features, body types, etc.)

Target English Does he/she have ___? Yes he does. No she doesn’t.

Activity: Guess Who Game

Lesson 4 Clothing

Target English: What’s this? It’s a __.

Activity: Matching Game

Lesson 5 Emotions

Target English: Emotions Vocabulary He is . She isn’t _. (angry, happy, bored, excited, sleepy, etc.)

Activity: MadLibs activity

Lesson 6 Rooms in the house

Target English: Rooms in the house and their use.

Activity: YouTube- Rooms of the house Song (Not a Chicken!)

Lesson 7 Verbs associated with the rooms in the house

Target English: sleep, wash your hands, wash the dishes, watch t.v., etc

Activity: Charades guessing game

Lesson 8 Objects in the house

Target English- varied class by class

Activity: Art activity- making objects you find in each room- matching card game

Lesson 9 Building a dream house

Final Activity: Use all vocab learned to create a Dreamhouse

Lesson 10 Prepositions

Target English: in, on, under, over, in front, behind

Activity: Youtube song- guessing game (hide objects in the class)

Lesson 11 Fun and Games!

Target English: Review all of the English so far

Activity: Mario Bomb Game

Lesson 12 Cartoons

Target English- Activity: Make a fun English cartoon


Lesson 13 Animal Body Parts

Target English: Animal Body Parts Higher Level (Tusks, flippers, horns, antlers, teeth, claws, etc.)

Activity: Animal Face Off Contest! Youtube Videos