Lesson Topics (Level 3)

Lesson 1 Day 1 Introduction and Canada cultural lesson

Target English: weather, money, animals, food, population, etc

Activity: Placement Tests

Lesson 1 Day 2 Classroom English

Target English: Open- Close, stand up- sit down, be quiet, etc.

Activity: Pass the Ball game

Lesson 2 Describing people

Target English: wavy, curly, long, short, facial features, slang words, colours

Activity: Worksheet + Guess Who game (Advanced Level)

Lesson 3 Movie class-English to discuss short animation films in class

Target English: (Pixar’s lifted, etc.) I thought it was- It looked-

Activity: Watch and discuss 4 short films

Lesson 4 Canadian Holidays

Target English: xmas vocab

Activity: xmas bomb game

Lesson 5 The internet- How much is too much?

Target English: free talking

Activity: English Café- Bring drinks and snacks to have a Moderated Discussion.

Lesson 6 Money and Jobs- What do you want to be?

Target English: occupations

Activity: 52 jobs worksheet + youtube videos + activity

Lesson 7: The culture of eating out in Canada

Target English: Etiquette Vocabulary Activity: Bathroom etiquette video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr0ClHQC_pY , Guided Discussion

Lesson 8 Reading the News


Target English: Free- Talking

Activity: Reading a news article and give a short presentation to the class.